Hero Girls

Desirée designed the Hero Girls project as an Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow at Harvard University in the 2017 program. This program focuses on critical humanitarian issues around the globe.

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Entrepreneur/Business and Community Leader

President and CEO

Desiree is a certified strategic leader and has over 25 years of industry expertise, a leader among leaders.

SureCall Contact Center

Boutique Wine & Specialty Spirits

Desiree combines her many years of business expertise and investment with tasteful importing and consulting within her wine and specialty spirits business. It’s Desiree’s passion and love of wines that drives her to discover “greatness in a glass”.

Desiree Imports

Mentor In A Mini-Skirt

Women in Canada looking for a consultant to help them succeed in business need to look no further than Desiree Bombenon and her initiative called Mentor in a Miniskirt.

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