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Hero Girls

Desirée designed the Hero Girls project as an Advanced Leadership Initiative Fellow at Harvard University in the 2017 program. This program focuses on critical humanitarian issues around the globe.

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Entrepreneur/Business and Community Leader

President and CEO

Desiree is a certified strategic leader and has over 25 years of industry expertise, a leader among leaders.

SureCall Contact Center

Boutique Wine & Specialty Spirits

Desiree combines her many years of business expertise and investment with tasteful importing and consulting within her wine and specialty spirits business. It’s Desiree’s passion and love of wines that drives her to discover “greatness in a glass”.

Desiree Imports

Mentor In A Mini-Skirt

Women in Canada looking for a consultant to help them succeed in business need to look no further than Desiree Bombenon and her initiative called Mentor in a Miniskirt.

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congregation-homepage text  
The one thing that they had in common was they had nothing to believe in, until now.
North America’s charming mystery-solving couple is back after wrapping up a terrifying kidnapping case in Hawaii. Amanda and Jake are affluent, stylish, and still in love after all these years. On a well-deserved vacation in Italy, they plan to enjoy the ancient golden beauty of Rome. They’ll just pick up the rosary Amanda’s mother wanted blessed from Cardinal Roland at the Vatican, and they’ll be free to indulge in those luxurious red wines and sumptuous dishes they’d been dreaming about with no further interruptions. Continue reading.
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Jake and Amanda Bannon had planned to unplug in Oahu for a much-needed vacation, but the mai tais will have to wait—they have a kidnapping to solve.
  Jake’s got a winning smile and a head for business strategy. His wife, Amanda, has a quick wit and a knack for sensing things before they happen. The Bannons may look like the perfect picture of a power couple, but when Jake and Amanda hang up their BlackBerries for a week of R & R in Hawaii, they never expect to need an arsenal of firearms, knives, and climbing gear to finish out their trip’s adventures. Continue reading.

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Desiree Amanda Bombenon

Certified Strategic Leader, Business Professional and Author.

Desiree’s portfolio includes import, distribution, operations and consulting. Desiree is an agent of change with a proven track record of leading businesses to success. Desiree is an active member of Young Presidents Organization, International Women¹s Forum, and has chaired several industry boards and focus groups. She is currently a director of the National Music Centre, a masterpiece showcasing the art of music in Canada.


Desiree is involved in mentorship programs in her community and has begun work on her latest business project “Mentor in a Miniskirt” leading young women to their full potential.

She is a published author for her fictional works “The Offering” and “The Congregation” that have been positively reviewed as fast paced, and a sometimes shocking action adventure series.

Under Desiree’s leadership,  SureCall Contact Centres has been recognized for numerous industry awards for service excellence and ethics and integrity.


Desiree has received several accolades and awards while serving in executive positions for Young President’s Organization. In 2013 Desiree received the Best of the Best Region Award globally while Chairing the Canadian Region for YPO presented in Istanbul being the first female to lead the Canadian region. She has won the Best Large chapter Education program Internationally during her term as the Alberta Chapter Education Chair and won the Best of the Best Member Retreat Internationally for her Alberta Chapter Retreat held in Vancouver BC. She has also been honoured with the Contact Center Global Leadership Award and has been interviewed for several business and mentorship books and articles for her skills in intuitive leadership.


Specialties: Strategic Leadership Marketing, Operations, People Management / Workforce Development



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